Donald Trump Is A Very Bad Man

This is just one example of the characters of the types of people who work in the Trump administration. Men and women with no love for the country, no concern, callous, indifferent, people who would sell their souls to the devil if that would help them secure or keep their position, people who are shameless. These behaviors which are now the norm in the Republican Party (leaders and supporters alike) are not expression of bitter partisanship as the media might want us to believe; one is either a patriot or he is not. One either chooses to side with the principles that have made America the envy of the world or sides with the individual whose every action contributes to destroy those principles. There is nothing politics about this choice.

For three years, Republican Leaders (in Washington and in various States) and Republican constituents have made it crystal clear their allegiance is not to the United States; their behavior leaves no ambiguity they’ve dedicated their very existence, and every breath they take is to the service of Donald Trump, whatever the cost to the country. Even the Attorney General whose job ought to be to the nation has been carrying Trump’s water to the detriment of The People. Barr has served in the capacity of Trump’s personal attorney using the DOJ as resources to serve his master, all the while ignoring the affairs of The People.


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