Lucifer – Escape From Hell

Aware of God’s unlimited knowledge and wisdom, the loyalty of the angels to carry out his will, Lucifer knew to escape Hell would be near impossible. He couldn’t even trust his own mother – who was also thrown in Hell by the father, now under Lucifer’s supervision; dysfunctional family anyone? – but as it is in every kingdom, the King has to trust someone. So the cunning Lucifer must have pretended, while in Hell, to like Maze who knew all the ins and outs, hideouts and escape routes out of hell. Together, with different agendas of course – Maze likes Lucifer; Lucifer wanted to escape to Hell – the duo managed to elude God and the army of angels.

They headed straight to California. Once settled in Los Angeles, Lucifer – with Maze by his side – showed us another side of the residents of Hell. It’s nothing like you’ve ever heard or read before.

What would you add?

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