Lucifer – Escape From Hell

You see, for all eternity, Maze has yearned for Lucifer’s attention; she is patient and very understanding. Unfortunately, Lucifer must not have felt the same way about Maze; maybe as King of Hell, he was too busy to preoccupy himself with the matter of the hearts. He was certainly busy punishing the lost souls, torturing his enemies, burning the unfaithful. But despite the myriads hellish tasks Lucifer had to do, he couldn’t use that as excuses for not paying attention to Maze; he could perform those tasks with his eyes closed. So, why did he not pay attention to Maze?

You see, Lucifer was very busy concocting a plan to escape Hell (without his father’s knowledge). The King of Hell could not trust anyone with his plan; Duh! there is no trust in Hell. Besides, there are hells of gossips down there. With the residents in constant agony, any information that might earn them even one second of respite (from the agony) would be used. As you might be aware, God has an army of Angels armed with swords of flame tasked to monitor Hell to ensure the King abides by the agreement they had: Lucifer would manage Hell and keep all the residents in check. God wants to be sure the agreement is enforced. God couldn’t possibly trust Lucifer to abide by that agreement or any agreement for that matter, could He?

What would you add?

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