Lucifer – Escape From Hell

We will explain in the last part why it is almost always expected. As such, Lucifer didn’t disappoint, I mean Hollywood didn’t disappoint.

The first season, and part of the second season gave us a peek of what’s it’s like in Hell. Everyone (in Hell), at the slightest opportunity, would break free to begin a new life, where else, in the welcoming state, California. – Is it now conclusive that California is host to all the demons from Hell? – just asking.

In Part one, Hollywood introduced us to Lucifer, the King of Hell and his right hand man, I mean woman, Maze whose sole job is to protect Lucifer from any “angelic” attack.

Why would Lucifer need a bodyguard is beyond me but it’s a story for another day (in Part three – don’t you dare miss it!).

Regardless, Maze has the ears of the King, would follow him everywhere and defend him with all the power of Hell she has. But as the audience will very soon realize, Maze did not just escape Hell to protect the King, she also likes Lucifer. Go figure! Love in Hell! Who would have thought? It seems real, doesn’t it? The way Maze looks at Lucifer! The way she treats other women who express interest in Lucifer, that’s very telling, isn’t it?

What would you add?

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