Lucifer – Escape From Hell

The show, Lucifer, sets out to be exciting; it’s a great theme, and we are all eager to learn and curious to have a visual of a place we’ve only read about, a place we don’t want to visit, a place we would shun at every turn. For all we know, the notion of Hell could be the greatest hoax. But we will not let that thought rob us of the opportunity to see what Hollywood (spiritual) investigative team have found about that place. So, we make ourselves comfortable in our living room, in our bedroom (or wherever we happen to be comfortable) to go on a spiritual ride that could hold the key to that long held mystery.

But beware! Hollywood is not the most reliable source to obtain information about the spiritual Kingdoms (Heaven & Hell, God & the Devil, etc.); we’ll take what we can. Here we go!

As it is with most scripts out of Hollywood – where else would they be created? – the themes for good shows are not lacking; but good performance might last just a few episodes in the first season, a whole first season if we’re lucky and even a few episodes in the second season if we are really, really lucky. Such it was in the case of Scandal and Nikita. Beyond that, audience! Brace yourself for disappointment at best, mediocrity all the way.

What would you add?

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