Fight With China Over Covid-19 Is A Suicide Mission

It is human nature to find someone to blame (a scapegoat) for our failure, our ignorance and yes even our shortcomings; it so happens that China is on the hook this time for the outbreak. Not that it is undeserving of the blame. According to some report coming out of China, the Chinese government is somewhat responsible for creating the virus, an allegation the government has categorically refuted. Other reports suggest that the Chinese government is responsible for covering up the spread but those reports did not attribute the existence of the virus to any action initiated by the government.

The latter reports might have some veracity; Dr. Li Wenliang, otherwise known as the Chinese whistleblower, was initially arrested and threatened “for spreading rumors” about the virus which at the time was yet to be identified as Covid-19. If we believe the report out of China regarding this matter, Dr. Li shared his finding with his colleagues. By the time the Chinese government had acknowledged the existence of the virus and its spread in the country, Dr. Li and a few of his colleagues had already contracted Covid-19. Dr. Li died a few short days after being diagnosed. The chain of events surrounding Li’s passing led many to believe the Chinese government might have been behind the demise of the Chinese whistleblower.


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