Fight With China Over Covid-19 Is A Suicide Mission

It is no surprise the World has been itchy to hang someone, anyone; well, not quite anyone. The World wants to hang China “for putting it through the Covid-19 nightmare” which is far, very far from ending. The prospect of relief remains elusive; as of date, there are just promises of a vaccine (being pursued), and even if that is a correct assessment and genuine effort is being made to deliver on the promises, there is no guarantee the vaccine will work as expected – to stamp out or at the very least to slow down the spread – considering the acknowledgement in the scientific community of the various strains of the virus and the continuous mutation of such.

As of this writing, well over half a million (570,000+) people in the world have already lost their lives to the virus and more than 13 million have contracted the virus in one form or another. The United States which represents a mere 3% of the world population accounts for almost 30% (25.0+) of the total cases of infection. Also, as of this writing, the United States registered more deaths (138,000+) than any country in the world, almost twice as many as Brazil (72,000+), with the second highest casualties.


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