LUCIFER in the Flesh

Suddenly we are confronted with a long held belief of Hell as a scary place and Lucifer as a very ugly Demon {you know the monsters that scares the B-jesus (pun intended) out of us} who can’t wait to inflict us harm as he battles God for supremacy and control of the Universe.

That belief of Hell, Lucifer, the whole Evil kingdom “thing” must have been misguided. Lucifer doesn’t look scary at all; he doesn’t have any characteristic of the monster – he’s supposed to be – painted in religious books, told and passed down from generation to generation. On the contrary, Lucifer (or Lucy as he is fondly referred to by his brother Amenadiel, his bodyguard Mazikeen (Maze for short), his mother Charlotte and undoubtedly all the residents of Hell) is a very handsome man who has resorted to a very sophisticated scheme which gets people he doesn’t like to see the image of a very ugly monster, much like a “magician” would trick our eyes into believing in those “magical” performances we pay to watch them act out.


We have been right all along about Lucifer being a monster who has masqueraded himself as a handsome man! A thought that would thrust us right back to where we started, Hell and Lucifer are not welcome in our lives.

While we are left to figure out this mystery (about Hell, Lucifer and all the Demons’ things) which has plagued society since the beginning of time, let’s take a look at the Hollywood version of what’s Hell really like and how Lucifer managed to elude his father, God, escape Hell and come to hide in Los Angeles, California.


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