LUCIFER in the Flesh

Have you ever wondered whether there is such a place as Hell?

Spoiler alert!

We all have.

In the western world (Americas, Europe and nearby regions), we are inclined towards Christian doctrines (Christianity). As such, Lucifer and Hell are very familiar words. Hell is also the most shunned destination in the Universe; no one is ever in any hurry to go to Hell; in fact, most people (if not everybody) would never contemplate the idea of visiting Hell, for any reason.  Not even the scientists have expressed the desire to find out what’s cooking up in Hell!

It is a scary place! So we believe, at least.

We curse (and/or insult) others by “sending them to hell”, figuratively speaking of course. We scare people by suggesting they’d go to hell; we rush to church to escape Hell. By the accounts of everyone who has never visited ‘that place’, Hell seems like a scary destination, but no one knows for certain.

Well, until Lucifer himself shows up in our living room.

Everything changes! What we thought we knew about Hell is now challenged by Lucifer himself, King of Hell.

What would you add?

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