It’s Never Been “Just A Few Bad Apples”

The hostility of a sector of the White population towards Blacks is a continuation of both their hatred for Blacks and their frustration for losing the privilege to enslaving them. The murder of Blacks by White police officers today is a repetition (and a continuation) of the murders of black slaves by the White slave masters. In both cases, the murderers are never held accountable. 60 million murders (of Blacks) are not enough to cast Whites as criminals because they own the system.

In 2014, I began publishing a series of articles about this very topic; under the title “Criminals with Badges” (police officers who murder Blacks and frame them afterwards in order to justify their actions), I outlined a number of cases – using current events – to make the point that the situation has been widespread. In 2020, the world witnesses how comfortable police officers have gotten to killing Blacks without any fear of repercussions. The murder of George Floyd was not just caught on camera; the girl who recorded the event believed Derek Chauvin was looking right at her as if to confirm he was indeed killing a black man and nothing she could do about it.

What would you add?

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