It’s Never Been “Just A Few Bad Apples”

Although Whites are responsible for the torture, enslaving and gruesome murders of well over 60 million Blacks, they have put a system in place which has always cast Blacks as the criminals.

The general population (Blacks and Whites) has accepted the predicament, Blacks unable to change it, Whites, some indifferent, others unwilling to get involved, yet others condoning the situation. “Just A Few Bad Apples” has been the most effectively simplified version of a system most Whites are comfortable with. It is near impossible to come across a White individual – even if sympathetic to Blacks’ plight – who would be able to appreciate the grim predicament Blacks have been living under here in America, a country which claims to have equal justice for all just as it is impossible to find a Black individual who would agree with the “just a few bad apples” statement as the reality in Blacks’ lives.

What would you add?

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