60 Millions Murders and Counting

It is irritating – for Blacks in particular – to hear anyone repeating the frequently evoked nonsensical statement that “there are just a few bad apples”. It is most irritating to hear such nonsense after each tragedy which seems to occur much too often. The ”just a few bad apples” is not only a slogan used  by the evildoers’ supporters but it has become a cover for the evildoers themselves to take shelter until the storm (of protests and outrage) is over. How is it that blacks everywhere in the United States who are regularly subjected to physical harm in the hands of police officers translate to those doing it as “just a few bad apples”?

It is insulting, purposely misleading to refer to a very large group of individuals: cops in every precinct of every city of every state in the country, who regularly inflict physical harm on Blacks, harass and antagonize them frequently, falsely accuse them of wrongdoing and murder them without any fear of punishment! The mistreatments (torture, beating and murder) do not occur in just a particular precinct or a particular county or a particular city or even a particular state. It happens everywhere in the United States.

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