60 Millions Murders and Counting

Donald Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ captures the exact sentiments those individuals have always harbored: hatred for Blacks and a desire to turn back the clock to slavery era. They are however conscious it is impossible to bring back an era which i) triggered a bloody civil war ii) implemented an end to a practice their ancestors chose to die for instead of acknowledging its cruelty and evil nature iii) stripped their ancestors of free labor they had enjoyed for over a century. They know that era is gone, for good. Just like their ancestors, those evildoers vow to resort to Machiavellian measures – by any means necessary – to keep things just the way they were during slavery.

Much unfortunately for Blacks in general and our society in particular, those White individuals who have subscribed to evil – while hiding behind the masks of Christianity – in the hope of bringing back a practice that is no longer acceptable to society at large have put in place a system which has denied Blacks upward mobility, access to justice and subjected frequently to wrongdoing by those who pretend to uphold the law. This predicament Blacks have lived under proves difficult to get rid off because the non-racist Whites (or neutral parties) have either bought into the argument the situation is not “that bad” or they simply do not want to be bothered by something that does not impact them directly. As such, the evildoers (and their supporters), in order to keep Blacks’ predicament the way evildoers intend it to be, watch for those situations (such as the killing of Blacks by police officers) and rush to explain that the frequent  and widespread practice is the work of just a few bad apples.

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