60 Millions Murders and Counting


The Myth that has decimated generations of Blacks originated with the slave trades which lasted well over four centuries and claimed the lives of well over 60 million Blacks. The Whites who ironically had claimed to be Christian inflicted on another human race the cruelest afflictions that would even bring the Devil to tears. Yep! Christians’ practice who would make the Devil look more like a Saint! Not having to pay any price for their genocidal practice, Whites – most of whom claim to be Christian –  continue to resort to those same practices today – replacing slave masters with White police officers – all the while applying modern day arguments to defend those evil practices.

“Just A Few Bad Apples” is an American myth perpetuated by racist Whites – most of whom control the government, the businesses and even the religious institutions – who want to keep Blacks subject to all forms of inhumane treatments just like their ancestors did during slavery. Those millions of racist Whites (labeled in Part One as evildoers and evil supporters) permeate our society. Those heartless individuals are undoubtedly descendants (lineage) of white slavemasters who have yearned for a return of slavery.

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