American Myth: Just A Few Bad Apples

Following the murder of a black individual by a police officer, i) his/her partner would lie about what happened before that police officer took the life of another individual (we witnessed that in the case of Michael Slager in South Carolina); ii) the chief of police, even after learning the factual details behind the murder, would lie some more to the general public about what happened; iii) the mayor would repeat the same lie (there is proof the mayor of Chicago did exactly that in the case of Lacquan McDonald murder by a police officer) and iv) at times even the governor would chime in to suggest the victim got what s/he deserved. More often than not, there would be quite a few members in the media (usually those who support wrongdoing by police officers, the evildoers) who would dig into the victim’s past to find something negative s/he may have done and bring that forth, as a way to suggest s/he must have deserved to be killed by a police officer. Such scenario is not the script of a movie; sadly, it is a frequent occurrence in the lives of Blacks in America. The evil supporters would describe the victim as “not a saint”, as if to suggest they and the evildoers are. That scenario is repeated in all corners of our society.

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