American Myth: Just A Few Bad Apples

Just “a few bad apples” is how widespread injustice towards Blacks in particular – in the hands of police officers – is explained by those who have worked deliberately, systematically, intentionally to keep the system of racism and discrimination in place in our society. Those perpetrating wrongdoing towards Blacks and the groups supporting the evil practice have an army of charismatic agents ready to be deployed at any moment notice to explain away police brutality, to defend police abuse of power and to justify violation of Blacks’ constitutional rights, all in the name of law and order. Those two distinct groups (the evildoers and the supporters) have always existed in our society. The evildoers commit crimes, murders; the evil supporters blame the victims for their fate, praise the evildoers for providing protection to “our society” and confuse the public as to which party they should side with. Both the evildoers and their supporters have marshaled all resources necessary to keep the system as intended. They lie, they cheat, they deceive, all of which is justified if guided to keep systemic racism in place.


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