Tara Reade Case File – Part 2

It didn’t take long for the high power attorneys who represented the women in the sexual assaults (and rape) case against Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein and other high profile individuals to step forward and announced they were representing Tara Reade. Boy, oh boy! In the meantime, several women (including those she told her story when the alleged assault happened) came forward to corroborate Ms. Reade’s sexual allegation; even as of late as a few days ago, representative Ilhan Omar stated she too believed Tara Reade.

See! Every woman who logs an accusation against a man tells the truth. We believe her. We just have to find a way to punish that “bastard” who thought he got away with it. That is the usual general consensus within the MeToo circle. We must provide shelter, comfort, counseling and the space for those “poor victims” to heal while putting in place a strategy to bring down that “mother*#!&” who’ve caused them emotional pain.  As such, Joe Biden’s name, reputation was being dragged through the mud by someone who lied, as we stated unequivocally in the very first sentence earlier.

What would you add?

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