Tara Reade Case File – Part 2

When Tara Reade came forth a few months ago and claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Joe Biden, all the flags at the MeToo movement headquarters and branch offices were flying high, at full mast. Ms. Reade was another opportunity to ‘bring down’ a powerful man. In the eyes of the MeToo movement leaders, there is some truth to the story, because every man must have committed the “sexual harassment/sexual assault” sin. All that’s needed is a woman to bring forth that story. Once a woman comes forward, the man is already seen as guilty. As such, Tara Reade brought her “made up sexual assault allegation” story forth with a big advantage, irrespective of the veracity of the story. “We trust her, they all say”. Translation: Joe Biden is guilty of what she’s accused him of.

What would you add?

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