Tara Reade Case File

Those white males felt they had the right to do those things; and ‘they did women a favor’ by letting them share their workspace. As time marched on, some women came up with better ways to cope with those problems. However, the culture of sexual harassment and sexual assaults didn’t disappear; it took different forms. Women who were ‘more amenable’ to being harassed (and/or flexible to occasional sexual assaults in the office) could hang out with the boys; those women would suffer much less harassment; those ‘smart’ women would extract favors (promotion, better pay, etc.) and even respect from other men, especially if those women were suspected to ‘belong to the boss’. Those women traded gossips (at their expense) for slightly better treatments: less sexual harassment.  The hostile workplace environment lasted a longtime; that began to change after the women’s rights to vote was ratified by Congress in 1920 but women would continue to face an uphill battle against “the white boys”.

Such a long lasting culture of sexual harassment and assaults would last long after it was deemed inappropriate and unacceptable. As such, it should not surprise anyone there is still a lingering aspect of that culture even today.

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