Tara Reade Case File

The question which becomes necessary to answer is: how could we have possibly known that Tara Reade was lying when everyone is willing to give her the benefit of the doubt?

To understand our viewpoint, we must take a quick trip back in history.

No one – men and women – can deny the fact that a few decades ago, men mostly white men ruled everything. The workplace was no place for women. (Those) Women who dared to venture into the work environment suffered their share of tease, humiliation, harassment and yes even sexual assaults. There is no lack of anecdotes of women hardships in the workplace. There is no lack of jokes made at their expense.

Some women had to endure men telling explicit sexual jokes in their presence. The workplace was hostile to women. It was nothing short of slavery without the physical torture. They were put through mental, moral and even psychological torture only a few of them could tolerate. It was not unusual then for women to go to the bathroom and sit in there for a while crying their eyeballs out; afterwards, they had to wash their face and go back to the same environment as if everything was fine. Some women were subjected to men touching them, groping them or grabbing their butts when passing nearby them.

What would you add?

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