Tara Reade Case File

Tara Reade lied, plain and simple.

Although it took most, women activists in general, to figure it out, here at the People Branch office, we have come to that conclusion a longtime ago. Explanation is in order later.

Remarks: we did not come to that conclusion on any of the previous and similar cases of sexual assaults and sexual harassment (Cosby, Weinstein, Epstein, etc.). Please note this is a multi-part article which will address the many facets of this topic on the allegation of sexual assaults involving Joe Biden. If you are eager to get to the details (we will provide here in this part and in future publications), feel free to watch the 2-hour video posted online regarding Tara Read’s alleged sexual assault.

Before, well before we had the opportunity to watch Tara’s interview with Meghan Kelly, well before Joe Biden addressed the allegations, well before anyone who worked for and with Joe Biden came to his defense, well before anything other than Tara’s accusation was floating over the airwaves, we knew something was amiss.

If you are familiar with our work, you are already aware how important it is for us here at the People Branch to separate our personal feelings from our analysis. As we pointed out many times here and in our daily broadcast, we loathed everything Donald Trump stands for; however, we were able to call the Republican nomination and later the presidency for him months before any of those events occurred. As such, we credit our analysis for being on point even when no one else would dare thinking it let alone saying it outloud.


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