Knowledge And Ignorance CANNOT Co-Exist – Part-2

In matters of self-preservation, Republicans prove to be completely clueless as to the consequences of their choices. Even bacteria display a greater level of “intelligence” in the way they attack a subject (our body). They would form groups tasked with invading, attacking and achieving the objective of destroying the vessel (our body). Their formation which involves suicide mission by one (or more) of the groups has the ultimate objective, self-preservation. Much less can be said of Republicans who have given support and allegiance to an individual who will destroy their way of life. There is absolutely no perceived or real benefit to do away with the rule of law. Chaos always reigns where there is no rule. Such state would not be conducive to a better life; it would destroy everything; it would destroy life, a situation that is the exact opposite of what living organisms – all living organisms – fight against.

It’s a principle so simple, so basic it’s baffling why it’s not adopted by everyone in the Republican Party. The Republican constituents have consistently acted in ways which are self-destructive and at times threaten their very survival. How can it be explained logically?

What would you add?

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