Knowledge And Ignorance CANNOT Co-Exist – Part-2

As it should be obvious, living organisms – in the smallest form – strive for survival; and even in the case of cellular suicide which could be argued as self-destructive, the goal is self-preservation. If a living organism which bypasses self-preservation (survival) (as an important characteristic of the organism) exists, it has yet to be discovered. We can state with a high degree of certainty that observations, researches and studies spanning millennia and several areas on this planet support the theory that all living organisms are preoccupied with the single most important aspect of their own existences, their own survivals.

It is not however this embedded characteristic of living organisms that is important in this discussion. We believe that even the most ignorant individual in the Republican Party would display similar characteristic. In fact, one would argue that Republicans – in their argument to protect the second amendment of the Constitution (rights to bear arms) – behave like all living organisms. They would argue possession of the firearms is their method of self-preservation. Such argument would miss the point by a wide shot. It can be proven in several scenarios the non-possession of firearms is also a mode of self-preservation. What we refer to here in this discussion has a lot more to do with how the Republicans’ behavior would contribute towards their own “demise” (or that of their kinds). We must acknowledge they will not pay the price alone. For instance, their support for an individual who invalidates the rule of law carries far reaching and long lasting effect which would not just hurt and harm Republicans.

We purposely leave out that aspect of the argument.

What would you add?

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