Knowledge And Ignorance CANNOT Co-Exist – Part-2

If both are rejected, there should be sufficient data to show either the behavior is acceptable, is similar or comparable to the rest of society or it is the result of circumstances if not present would trigger a very different set of behaviors. The rejection would complicate the matter further for it would suggest Republicans cannot behave like all other living organisms unless placed in special or specific circumstances, a scenario which would strengthen the theory they belong to a different species. After all, all other living organisms behave as expected under any circumstance. As we proposed earlier and in the previous publication, let us discuss the behaviors of certain living organisms which seem to lend credence (and support) to Republicans who are engaged in self-destructive behavior and completely flaunt the notion of self-preservation altogether.

Cells (we are discussing parts of the whole) must have the ability to self-destroy (or self-destruct). Normal cells have characteristics which are important for the proper functioning of tissues, organs, etc. These cells have the ability to reproduce, to stop reproducing when necessary, to remain in a specific location, to become specialized for specific functions, and to self-destruct when necessary. This last characteristic (self-destruct), called apoptosis (cellular suicide), is not accidental; it is not an anomaly; it is a normal and programmed process. It actually serves a healthy and protective role in our bodies. This process is extremely important and critical for the proper functioning in multicellular organisms (such as we humans are). Cells that are no longer needed or are a threat to the organism are destroyed by the process known as cellular suicide or apoptosis. If that process is not followed – cells that are not needed, not normal or represent a threat do not self-destroy – cancer happens because those cells would grow and spread very fast. Normal cells grow, divide and know when to stop growing; they (normal cells) would eventually die. Unlike normal cells, cancer cells just continue to grow and divide out of control and don’t die when they’re supposed to.

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