Ignorance Is Z Biggest Threat to Society

In the Republicans’ view, Donald Trump is not president to solve problems in the country. Not doing so is fine by all of them.

Most (if not all) Republicans who voted for, support and continue to back Donald Trump believe his main job is:

  • to hold rallies
  • to blame others (for everything that goes wrong)?
  • to take credit (for everything that goes right)?
  • to address matters (such as infectious diseases) he has no idea about.

They do not care he is clueless. They trust him. that’s the reason Gary and Wanda of Arizona drank Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the Coronavirus; Gary dies, Wanda barely made it alive. That’s also the reason hundreds flooded call centers across the country to ask about the use of Clorox and disinfectant as a cure for the coronavirus.

What would you add?

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