Science: Most Republicans Are Members Of A New Species

Consider the EPA removal of rules which prohibit chemical companies from dumping toxic into or near rivers, a move which is dubbed by the Trump administration to help business growth – remove restrictions so to speak – all the while endangering the environment which, if it becomes inhabitable, would make having wealth useless. This is another blatant example of the Republican species acting against its self-preservation. It should be noted that the negative effect of the behavior of the Republican species would also impact all other living organisms on the planet. This is another example of a species which has failed to act in a way consistent with the behavior of living organisms.

More recently, and currently ongoing, it is reported that Republicans across the nation including their leaders in Washington, have opposed the idea of lockdowns, self-quarantine, isolation in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus which has claimed the lives of well over 165,000 worldwide as of this writing and infected approximately 2.4 million individuals. Most living organisms, with less sophisticated brains than humans, would shelter, run for cover or even flee the areas which would endanger their existence. The Republican species on the other hand seems to be running towards the danger, not out of bravery, a behavior they defend by masquerading their protests as a fight for freedom.

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