Science: Most Republicans Are Members Of A New Species

Before attempting to explain why we believe Republicans are members of a species different from the human’s, let’s take a look at a few examples which provide a window into a species working against its self-interests. To keep the discussion in context and contemporaneous, take for example the support Republican constituents extend to the Trump administration in regards to its actions vis-à-vis climate change. Trump withdrew United States participation in any meeting or collaboration with other countries – previously close U.S. allies – on curbing the destruction of the planet by humans.

Some animals, we have observed, are dotted with the instinct to sense danger such as earthquake, hurricane coming their way. They are unable to prevent the occurrence of the danger but they get the hell out of the area as fast as they possibly can. We humans have technology at our disposal to provide us this type of advance warning. Thanks to progress in this aspect, we are able to prepare for, shelter against or simply flee the area before danger engulfs us. To remove this ability or to simply ignore the advanced warning would place humans at a much lower level than other animal species. It’s as if less sophisticated animals react in a more logical way – although it is by instinct – than the Republican species does or has been.

One might be quick to reject this as an isolated case. Even if it were to be an isolated example, the impending doom of living organisms, especially the human species, if natural disasters were to accelerate due to our negligence, would be sufficient to conclude the Republican species has acted against its self-interest, its very self-preservation. But there are other recent examples.

What would you add?

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