Science: Most Republicans Are Members Of A New Species

No other animal species has ever, ever managed to even attempt to achieve the most basic aspect of what we humans have, because no other animal species can, and yet there is not a single living organism which would work against its self-interests despite their inability to think, to reason.

Ironically, Republicans – believed and long accepted to be members of the human species – have repeatedly done exactly that, meaning they have worked against their own self-interests. Not because they are “unselfish” but rather because they fail to realize their actions (or inactions) are detrimental and would jeopardize their own survival.

If that statement is true – as we will discuss in greater details later – Republicans belong (or ought to belong) to a different species, referred to later as the Republican species. It is observable the Republican species would be closely related to the human species but there are major differences when both are compared. Because of the close physical characteristics and several other similarities, it is safe for now to classify the Republican species as a subset of the human species. We hold this view because we are unable to find individuals outside that group who would cling to erroneous premises no matter what, in perpetuum. Contrary to less sophisticated species however, the Republican’s is able to rationalize such behavior, which makes that species quite unique.

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