Science: Most Republicans Are Members Of A New Species

We already established we have no intention of stopping those efforts but as of date we’ve failed to provide a very simple answer as to the reason we are so “gung ho” about exploring various aspects of the Universe.

We asked earlier whether there is a purpose behind all those efforts. The answer is: Yes, there is but it’s not what we believe it to be; it’s not what those providing the answer believe it to be. It’s much, much simpler. We have embarked in the endless journey in the pursuit of knowledge to make our lives better. That’s all.

  • We want more room to roam
  • We want good health
  • We want to be disease free (if possible)
  • We want to live longer (forever if possible)

All our effort – in every aspect – is towards making our lives better. Cars, planes, fax, mobile phones, satellite systems, drug research, sea explorations, etc. were all invented and pursued with a simple objective, to make our lives better.

What would you add?

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