Science: Most Republicans Are Members Of A New Species

We know intuitively, instinctively or through education all animal species – except mankind – do not evolve, relatively speaking, as fast as human’s. – Here, we do not refer to organisms which metamorphosize into another, such as caterpillars into butterflies. – We humans on the other hand have made huge evolutionary strides; we will continue to do so at faster and faster pace; we’re unable to foresee a time when that would stop. It is this unstoppable drive, this unrelenting effort and this thirst for more knowledge that have pushed mankind towards extreme creativity, to “push the envelope” so to speak, to explore beyond our individual limits.

It is as if we are in pursuit of something, anything that will increase our knowledge, remove boundaries and free us from the chains of being stuck in one place, this planet for instance. At times, our behavior makes it seem we are “drugged”, unable to explain what we are looking for. A few decades ago, we were “hot on the trail of going to the moon”.


We have yet to conquer the moon and already set our sight to Mars. The accumulation of knowledge is for what purpose, one ought to ask. Is it for the sake of knowledge? Is it because we are curious? What exactly are we looking for? Why?

What would you add?

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