Are COVIDIOTS As Dangerous As CoronaVirus?

Will there also be a cure for covidiocy
Although scientists, researchers have been working around the clock to find a cure for covid-19, there’s been zero effort dedicated to finding a cure for covidiocy. This is not to say covidiots are on their own

  1. it is believed most covidiots will be able to have a normal life even without treatment
  2. because it is very likely covidiots would refuse any form of help, scientists believe it might take a longtime to find the underlying cause(s) of the infection
  3. because covidiocy is highly contagious, scientists will be forced to research it further
  4. it is widely believed in the scientific community that changes in societal conditions, in environment could have a major positive effect on covidiots. As suh, some scientists even suggest that a re-arrangement of a community could show measurable progress in the treatment of the virus.

What would you add?

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