Are COVIDIOTS As Dangerous As CoronaVirus?

To understand the effect of the covidiocy virus, a renowned scientist agreed to provide off record answers to some of the most pressing questions surrounding the emergence of the disease alongside the coronavirus.

Can Covidiocy affect major organs?
Not directly. Covidiocy is not a physical disease but can cause serious physical damage. If left untreated, it is believed the covidiots (those infected with the covidiocy virus) will continue to unknowingly do harm to themselves.

Who are most at risk of being infected with covidiocy?
In the United States, Republicans are; most are already infected. Quite a few in position of influence have infected many thousands, millions in some cases.

Can covidiots behave normally? Are covidiots normal people?
There are moments of clarity during which covidiots might not display any symptom; unfortunately, those moments (of clarity) are usually very short and do not have any lasting effect on the individual.

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