Are COVIDIOTS As Dangerous As CoronaVirus?

Covidiocy is naturally found in humans; it is usually dormant and innocuous.  However, any catalyst, such as the coronavirus, suffices to turn covidiocy into a very deadly agent. Although contagious, just like the coronavirus is, covidiocy is not airborne; it is transmitted through regular interactions between members of particular groups. It is also noteworthy to point out that covidiocy affects the right amygdala portion of the brain.

Scientists have been unwilling to discuss in detail the underlying causes of covidiocy; a few have anonymously confided however that covidiots are prone to be very naïve and gullible. Scientists believe the biggest challenge to finding a cure lies in the fact that most covidiots are completely unaware of their conditions; and even when suspicious behavior would provide a clue, the covidiocy subject would refuse to subject to treatment or help.

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