Are COVIDIOTS As Dangerous As CoronaVirus?

Glad you asked! The best question so far since the world’s been fighting the spread of the Coronavirus.

Covidiots are individuals who have been infected of the CoronaVirus due to their own ignorance, or for refusing to follow the instructions of health professionals. Covidiocy is a very alarming virus, identified around the same time frame as the Coronovirus began to spread in the world. Initially, researchers believed it could be a different strain of Covid-19. However, when the Chinese behaviors – both infected and non-infected individuals – are compared with individuals’ in the Western hemisphere in general, the United States in particular, it became very clear to the scientists that covidiocy has impacted the United States more than any other country. Although infectious, it is considered a parallel virus that might go away when a vaccine becomes available for the Coronavirus.


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