Intelligence Gap – Fight Between Ignorance And Knowledge

The average observer could construe such behavior as political, fight between two different groups, two major political parties. Although it is near impossible to ignore that some aspect of political fight might impact the overall behavior of those who are engaged in such fights, it would also be naïve to accept any premise that would suggest the explanation lies exclusively on political discourse and disagreements.

Unless one is prepared to state – without proof – that people who are engaged in political arguments are deprived of logic, have thus behaved like ignorant and must rely totally on others (leaders) to provide a template for their behavior. Animals, inferior animals, the consensus would admit, act in that manner.

If one were to subscribe to this last paragraph as a possibility, even as a remote possibility, it would not be a stretch to surmise that Republicans (the followers admittedly) are members of a species associated with and/or related to the human species. But we cannot conclusively state they belong unequivocally to the human species.

What would you add?

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