Intelligence Gap – Fight Between Ignorance And Knowledge

That’s the reason it is so baffling to witness millions of individuals (almost exclusively Republicans) we all believe are members of the human species literally abandoning the pursuit of knowledge and knowingly embracing to trade in ignorance. An observation which begs the question: do those individuals belong to the human species? The Republican electorates have not made it a secret they would rather perish than to embrace knowledge; their very behavior which at times is harmful to them or to other members of their ‘religious cult’ would leave the average mind puzzled. Most would rather do something which is detrimental than to accept an option – if proposed by Democrats – that would benefit them greatly. A few of those individuals in the Republican circle put it this way (wearing a T-shirt to prove they mean it): I’d rather be a Russian than a Democrat.

NOTE: It is important to note here that, in our analysis, we recognize the leaders in the Republican Party (be they politicians, business and spiritual minded) do not fall into the same category. They are more inclined to exploit the people they are supposed to lead. There are reasons to believe the Republican leaders are engaged in deliberate activities to mislead, to misinform and lead astray their followers. In light of these observations and premises, analysis of this group in the Republican Party will be conducted separately.

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