Intelligence Gap – Fight Between Ignorance And Knowledge

From one generation to the next, we’ve always yearned for more knowledge; we’ve conducted more experiments, acquired better understanding and contributed to advancing mankind and improving our lifestyle. It took time but it’s an activity we are not anywhere near abandoning, even if we have to pay with our lives; and we have. Our persistence has paid off, incentives which make it near impossible to imagine a time when we, as a species, would give up the activity of accumulating knowledge…

From ice age to modern time, mankind has leaped over boundaries which – for a time – felt more like playing characters in a fictitious world but we did it. We call it progress; we continue to evolve; we continue to search for knowledge; we continue to explore the universe. Because we simply cannot bear the idea of not learning! Maybe, it’s the very purpose of our existence; maybe that’s exactly what we’re looking for. Whichever it is, one aspect of our existence remains constant: we yearn for more, more knowledge that is.

What would you add?

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