Intelligence Gap – the Big Divide

Are we today witnessing the evolution (or the deterioration) of a different species which looks, behaves, acts so much like us?

Science to the rescue when we discuss part two

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2 thoughts on “Intelligence Gap – the Big Divide

  1. That’s one hell of an ignorant Strawman you built there in the first paragraph. I’m sure it foreshadows how the rest of the slam piece is written. Waste of time to find out.


    • You could be on to something. Let’s take a look
      1.- They are easily swayed by leaders who blatantly lie to them. (True or False?)
      2.- They like positive labels such as Christian Conservative, Fiscally conservative (True or False?)
      3.- They constantly point fingers to others to blame for what goes wrong (True or False?)
      4.- They trade mostly in conspiracy theories to counter arguments (True or False?)



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