Intelligence Gap – the Big Divide

They do.

But their intelligence deficiency is shrugged off as “coming from those damn ‘libtards’”, a pejorative they use to refer to Democrats to a) make themselves feel good b) and hide their shortcomings. Such knowledge gap contributes to widening the intelligence deficiency between the two groups (Democrats, Republicans) which might help to explain what has been clearly a sustained effort by Republicans to oppose everything Democrat even when their opposition would deprive them of personal benefit, such was in the case of Obamacare. Which intelligent organism would work against its self-interests?  This is an area worth exploring further.

Republicans stand for everything they don’t live by. And if anyone dares to point that out, he must be a damn liberal; otherwise, he has betrayed his party, his country or committed an unforgivable sin. The biggest problem the country has confronted in the past seven+ decades is not a big divide between Democrats and Republicans; it is rather a migration of the Republican Party towards ignorance while their Democrat counterparts have been preaching to embrace knowledge, to apply logic. And the longer both sides continue to move in those opposite directions, the larger the gap (knowledge, intelligence) becomes.

2 thoughts on “Intelligence Gap – the Big Divide

  1. That’s one hell of an ignorant Strawman you built there in the first paragraph. I’m sure it foreshadows how the rest of the slam piece is written. Waste of time to find out.


    • You could be on to something. Let’s take a look
      1.- They are easily swayed by leaders who blatantly lie to them. (True or False?)
      2.- They like positive labels such as Christian Conservative, Fiscally conservative (True or False?)
      3.- They constantly point fingers to others to blame for what goes wrong (True or False?)
      4.- They trade mostly in conspiracy theories to counter arguments (True or False?)



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