It Is Finished

Ironically, it was Joe Biden himself who would do the greatest damage to his bid for the presidency; his early performance on the debate stage left a lot to be desired, a situation which benefited Bernie Sanders greatly. As the former vice president began to fade away, the Independent Vermont Senator slowly got back on top. Once again in the driver’ seat, Bernie pressed on to unleash his fundraising drive which proved not only he has staying power but he is also backed by supporters who would not abandon him no matter what.

Bernie no longer needed to worry about being challenged for the top spot; Elizabeth Warren had lost steam after revealing her health care plan; Pete Buttigieg was on/off viable with a major “Black” problem; Amy Klobuchar had a “Pete Buttigieg” problem; Michael Bloomberg had a very difficult time closing the “voters’ appeal” deal; Joe Biden struggled to raise money for his campaign.

Most political pundits suggested Joe Biden would have to make the difficult decision to drop out after the South Carolina primaries or at the latest after the Super Tuesday’s; that was music to the ears of Bernie and his fanbase. The ‘Democrat Socialist’ (as Bernie likes to refer to himself) and teflon Joe (as the media referred to Joe Biden) entered the primaries in South Carolina with the Independent Vermont Senator leading in the national polls by double digit over the former vice president who came a distant second. The writing was prominently displayed on the wall; everyone could see it. Everyone saw it. Everyone read it.


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