It Is Finished

Fast forward to 2020, Bernie’s charm found a ready fanbase eager to take him all the way to the Oval Office. In no time, the Independent Senator was able to rally crowds of devoted who are still enthusiastic about their messiah, and his chances to get the crown jewel.

In a crowded field of aspirants to the Oval Office (two dozen candidates on the Democrat side vied for the presidency), Bernie stood out. Even his closest challenger Elizabeth Warren had difficulty gaining the type of traction Mr. Sanders has enjoyed. However, when Joe Biden jumped into the “presidency ring”, everything changed. Bernie would no longer occupy the top spot; Joe Biden became the candidate most everyone in the Democrat leadership would like to have as the nominee for the Party. For weeks beyond the announcement ‘he Joe Biden is (also) bidding for the presidency of the United States’, the former Vice President was polled as the top candidate who would become the nominee, a situation which had angered all other Democrat candidates vying for the Oval Office. Even the Republican Party in general, Donald Trump in particular, shook at the prospect. Every poll of a head-to-head match-up between Trump and any of the top candidates in the Democrat Party suggested Mr. Trump would lose to Biden but could pull a victory over the others. Donald Trump was scared; he even engaged in illegal activities to derail Joe Biden; those nefarious moves landed Mr. Trump in hot water; he was impeached.


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