It Is Finished

For Bernie Sanders, it is finished!

There are not many ways to say it; the likelihood for Bernie Sanders to clinch the Democrat nomination is zilch, which is ironic. Just a few short weeks ago, it was all but certain that Bernie Sanders would sail through the primaries without a hitch.  Most national polls placed the Independent Vermont Senator way ahead of all other presidential candidates. Joe Biden who came second (in those national polls) was clocked at half what Bernie Sanders fared in the polls. It was almost a done deal.

Michael Bloomberg, Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren the remnant from a crowded field of aspirants were very hopeful of their chances to get further; they had hoped a sizable chunk of the Democrat electorate would consider someone other than a “socialist”. Their hope was not at all misplaced. Despite Bernie’s popularity, the Democrat leaders had never warmed up to the idea of a “socialist” at the top of the ticket; they were working every angle to slow down the Bernie’s train and deny him the nomination if possible, a predicament Bernie is all too familiar with. In 2016, the Democrat Chair (Debbie Wasserman Schultz) worked behind the scene to undermine him and his campaign, a situation which created fissure in the Democrat Party when that information became public; Debbie had to resign her post but the damage was already done and has long lasting impact.


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