Stop The BERN – Save Bernie

It is believed – in the Democrat circle – that Bernie’s socialist penchant would make it impossible for him to win the presidency; in the Republican circle, it is believed that Bernie would be an easy opponent to beat because of his socialist ideology.

Democrats are frightened!

The mere idea of a Trump’ second term suffices to light up their hair on fire; they don’t want to take any chance. As such, the Democrat leaders are moving heaven and earth to prevent Bernie from reaching the “Promised land”, I mean from clinching the Democrat nomination, irrespective of the cost. Besides, Democrat Leaders believe Bernie would be highly useless assisting the Party to win congressional seats.

But the fault is not completely the Democrat leaders’; for reason that continues to elude me, Bernie has not let up in the embrace of the “socialist idea”, and that’s baffling. Even in the face of fierce opposition by the upper echelon of the Democrat Party – rumors have it that even Obama seems to be working against any possibility of Bernie’s clinching the nomination – Bernie continues to be defiant.

For good reason!

What would you add?

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