Stop The BERN – Save Bernie

By any analysis, the leaders of both major political parties in the country have worked for the most part against the will of The People (their respective electorates). As expected, those leaders have always used deceitful rationale (deceptions) to justify their positions or actions. The most baffling aspect of American democracy is as if the electorates are powerless or useless. Although from time to time, the Democrat constituents would push back or even revolt against their leaders, the Republican constituents on the other hand always fall in line. They do what they’re told; they do not challenge their leaders; they do not question their decisions; they do not examine their actions. They would even throw themselves in front of a bus to protect their leaders even in the face of blatant deception by those leaders. They refer to Democrat constituents who challenge their own leaders as party in-fighting. To be able to challenge your leaders is the very basis of democracy. As such, one could state that Democrats are naturally patriotic while Republicans who’ve always claimed to be are mere puppets of their leaders; Republicans’ concept of patriotism are at best laughable. The 2020 presidential elections provide the astute observer another opportunity to study a Democracy – the US Democracy – unlike any other.

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