Stop The BERN – Save Bernie

Any outside observer must be baffled by how Americans are duped to believe they have a system of government which is democratic. Both Democrat and Republican leaders have always acted in ways that are at best contrarian to what their constituents would want but usually detrimental if not harmful to those constituents.

Consider for instance how the Republican Senate decided to bypass witness testimonies in the impeachment of Donald Trump despite an overwhelming majority desire to see that happen! Consider how the Republican leaders decide to prevent Republican candidates from challenging Donald Trump for the 2020 presidential election despite a sizable number of Republican electorate who would have liked to see that happen!

But the Republican Leaders are not alone in robbing the American people of their rights to choose their leaders; Democrats’ are in on it as well. Consider what happened in the 2016 presidential elections during which the Democrat Leaders worked against Bernie Sanders’ nomination for the party! Consider what’s happening now in the 2020 campaign for the nomination of the Democrat Party.


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