Fear the Bern: Can Bernie Be Stopped?

Whatever Mr. Sanders means when he labels himself a socialist, his lifestyle and yes his policies have never reflected the “socialist system as it is understood and practiced. A socialist would advocate for the means of production, distribution, and exchange to be owned and/or regulated by the community as a whole. No one can point to any time in the existence of Bernie Sanders to have advocated for such a system. It remains baffling as to why the Vermont Senator continues to refer to himself as a socialist Democrat and has never rejected the label when so called.

And even if one would want to believe Mr. Sanders is a socialist, those decades in politics are sufficient to reassure the nation the Independent Senator is able to be “a socialist privately” and be “a capitalist” publicly. That being the case, one can put to rest the idea that Bernie Sanders is somehow an alien who doesn’t belong in Washington or worse an individual who is trying to transform America into a socialist country.

What would you add?

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