Fear the Bern: Can Bernie Be Stopped?

Contrary to Donald Trump who has made a mockery of our system of democracy, Bernie Sanders has always operated within the boundaries of our Constitution. Although Mr. Sanders continues to refer to himself as a “socialist Democrat”, his stances – most of his position – as former Mayor and now as Senator from Vermont are similar to most Senators in Washington (Democrats and Republicans alike). Nothing Mr. Sanders had done in his previous positions (Mayor, Congressman) and the current one (Senator) would give any American pause as to what Mr. Sanders stands for. The Independent Senator from Vermont has always stood for and defended the same values Republicans (and Democrats) have claimed to embrace. Besides, Vermont Residents have always stood by and with the Senator; unless one is able to conclude that all residents in the State of Vermont – at the very least most of them (those who have voted him in office for several decades) –are themselves socialist, it is impossible to imagine the Independent Senator would have had the support of those residents for this long.

What would you add?

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