Fear the Bern: Can Bernie Be Stopped?

In 2020, it seems it is the Democrats’ turn. The Democrats’ leaders hate, resent even the thought of Bernie Sanders becoming the nominee. Just like the Republicans did in 2016, the Democrats are working overtime to prevent Bernie from clinching the nomination. If history is any guide, the Democrat leaders will find themselves in the same predicament the Republicans did in 2016. A page from history tells us there will be initiatives at the upper level of leadership of the Party which will contemplate to deny Bernie the nomination even if he manages to have the required number of delegates he needs to be the nominee. Such scenario does beg the question: why are Democrats so afraid of Bernie as their nominee?

Contrary to Donald Trump who was a remarkable terd when he bid for the office of the presidency, Bernie Sanders has been a smart politician who understands the implications of policies, legislation but most importantly someone who respects the rule of law and will – for the most part – abide by – as he would swear in if he’s elected – to the best of his ability observe, defend and protect the Constitution of the United States.

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