Fear the Bern: Can Bernie Be Stopped?

Notwithstanding Russia rearing its ugly head again in our election process, notwithstanding Donald Trump working behind the scene to have foreign entities involved to help him win re-election, notwithstanding the Republican Party leaders collaborating with the Trump administration NOT to secure the election system, Bernie Sanders has proven thus far to be a very popular candidate and to be able to sustain a punch, throw a punch and knock out everyone in his path.

For an old man of 78 years old, it is no small feat; and yet, the Democrat Leaders are afraid Bernie will mess it up. Let’s take a look at the state of affairs and consider the pros and cons of going against the Bernie’s train.

In 2016, a very hated individual in the Republican circle – at least initially – marched onward to become the nominee of the Republican Party and eventually the 45th president of the United States. His march to the nomination was not smooth; it was probably the most turbulent climb to the nomination of a political Party in modern history. Regardless, the outcome was what Republican Leaders feared and genuine Conservative members of the Party dreaded. Even after racking up the required number of delegates, there was an initiative to deny Mr. Trump the nomination. Cool heads prevailed. The Leaders conceded that The People had spoken, well The Republican Electorates had spoken; their will should be respected. They did what is required in a democracy: to honor the will of The People.

That was then; that was the Republican Party.

What would you add?

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