Fear the Bern

Although Mr. Sanders would later concede to his rival Hillary Clinton and publicly supported her for the presidency, millions of his supporters were not so forgiving. An estimated 20 million stayed home instead of casting their votes for Hillary. It was that type of frustration which plunged the country into the worst situation ever, to have a Commander in Chief who is clueless, vindictive, childish and dangerous.

Again in 2020, the Bernizens – or however Bernie’ fans and supporters call themselves those days – are back with their candidate of choice. With the same enthusiasm, the same vigor, the same determination but a grain of caution and suspicion, the roiling Bernie’s army is more focused, more dangerous and ready to carry their leader all the way to the Oval Office. Bernie himself has made no bone about his aspirations and is not shy talking about what is considered controversial here in the United States.’

What would you add?

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